Providing consulting services for the design of performance and rehearsal facilities that is grounded in real world production, operations, and construction experience.

Tierno Bokar (2004-2005)
Columbia University Arts Initiative
P&PFC designed and managed the execution of the conversion of a gymnasium at Barnard College into a temporary 500 seat theater for the production of Peter Brook's Tierno Bokar. Elements as diverse as seating, staging, support facilities, acoustic isolation and room acoustics, utilities, projection, audio systems, house and theatrical lighting, structural improvements, loading facilities, contractor coordination, venue negotiation, production management, staffing, and permits were included in the scope of the project, for which a window of 10 days from occupancy to opening was allowed.

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"Many experiences at BAM have shown me that Chris Buckley is a gifted collaborator. His technical skills give him a confident mastery of all aspects of the stage and auditorium. He is quiet and practical, flexible and generous. It was a joy to create a new space with him at Columbia University."

- Peter Brook, Director, CICT